Southland disAbilty Enterprises Ltd, through our business collections and our contract with Invercargill City Council (this is the processing of two of the three Southland Councils which consists of the Southland District Council and the Invercargill City Council that provide your kerbside recycling service. Central Otago District Council also have their recycling processed at SdE.  (Gore District Council have chosen not to have their recycling processed)  We receive, process and sell as many and as much recyclable items as logistically possible.

Once the product is brought to our site, it is sorted and then baled into each different type of product.  During the year we have thousands of metric tonnes of product shipped out to various parts of the world.

At this facility we process Newsprint, Mixed Glossy Paper, Cardboard, Clear and Coloured Drink Plastic Bottles (No 1 Plastics), Milk Containers (No 2 Plastic), Janitorial Plastic Bottles (No 2 Plastic) and some other plastics. If it is plastic, we try to recycle it.  We also recycle Steel Tins and Aluminium Cans.

These products would have previously been put into landfill.

The recycling business has grown from having a staff of one supervisor, two staff and five employees, to a General Manager and the management team of three, a sales and admin person and five Supervisors as well as 97 employees.

Want more information on recycling in Southland? Check out the WasteNet Orange Pages


Price List

Business Recycling delivered to SdE is 10c per kg ($100 per tonne) effective 1st September 2020.

The plastic used in televisions and monitors contains Brominated Flame Retardant (BFR) which is has been declared a hazardous substance under the BASIL Convention.  These must be disposed of in a class A landfill.  Television tubes are also classed as hazardous under the BASIL Convention, and costs to dispose of these are 98c per kg (plus transport to Auckland). A medium to large television can have a tube weight of 35-56kg.
  These must be taken to the Transfer Station located at 303 Bond Street.

Please find below charges that apply

Business Collection

Business Recycling delivered to SdE is 10c per kg ($100 per tonne) effective 1st September 2020. 

After recognising a need for local businesses to have their recyclable materials collected or dropped off,
Southland disAbility Enterprises Ltd opened a business collection Depot, originally based in the old Port Craig building on Tweed Street. It then was moved to Bond Street.

Our service is now housed collectively with our Mechanical Recycling Facility (MRF) at 28 Ettrick Street. Here we process all business recyclables along with bale wrap (suspended), bulk bags, car bumpers (suspended) and all of the larger plastics surplus to peoples or business needs.

Also, please talk to us in regards to your companies northern stores outside of the province shipping down polystyrene and electronics (as examples) to SdE for recycling.

For packaging and other specialised tasks that your business may require, visit our Packaging Department page.

We can arrange for the collection of all of your recycling materials from your place of business. We also provide a confidential document shredding service for all office papers and documents.

Note: all Business prices exclude GST. 

e-Waste Recycling

Todd and his team recycle all of SdE’s electronic waste as well as metals and polystyrene.
Call us on 03 214 6188 or Todd on 0272 324 075 email:


Products can include:
Decoder Boxes (Set Top Boxes)
Gaming Machines
Computer Towers
Hard Drives
Head Phones
Cell Phones
Power Supplies
Insulated Wire
Mobile Telephones
Household Appliances (Toasters, Jugs, Toastie Pie Machines, Coffee Machines etc.)
Estate lots of metals


Bale Wrap 

Recycling suspended until further notice.
See our fundraiser here

Agricultural Plastic Recycling

Agricultural Plastics (drench containers etc)
These must be triple rinsed.

10c/kg ($100 per tonne)

Effective 1 September 2020.


Tiwai Enclave

SDE has a contract with NZ Aluminium Smelters (NZAS) situated at Tiwai Point, some thirty kilometres south of Invercargill, across the bay from Bluff township.

We are tasked with servicing respiratory protection equipment used by some eight hundred and sixty personnel on site.

The duties involve dismantling, washing, drying, re-filtering and re-assembling the respirators ensuring that they are fit for purpose and a high standard of respiratory protection is in place.

SdE, under the supervisor Richard Holi, run a team of five permanent staff at Tiwai, with a range of different disabilities. Their core responsibility is servicing Respirators and other Breathing Equipment used by staff and contractors on site. They have to ensure that these items are fit for purpose, as the health of the staff using it could be compromised.

SdE also operates the machine that creates the ‘M’ straps that are used to secure aluminium to the pallets that they are transported on.

From time to time our staff are used to assist with the binding of a variety of manuals and related documentation.

SdE workers have been on site for over 30 years. NZAS is one of very few smelters in the world that employs outside contractors to perform this task.

In addition to servicing, other tasks are undertaken, including the assembly of wooden corner boards used to protect the finished aluminium product during transit overseas and the assembly of brooms, a high use item on site.

Recently NZAS embraced Plastic Recycling and our organisation processes the waste plastic from the site on a weekly basis averaging three wool fadges per collection.


No job is too big or too small. Save time and money, and free up your staff for other tasks.   The Packaging Department carry out a large number of contracts that include (but are not limited to) the following:

Folding and Enveloping
Small Packaging
Blister Packaging
Corporate Packs
Annual Reports
Labeling and Stamping
Shrink wrapping, gluing, heat sealing
Conference packs
Mail out packs or advertising
Your ideas….call us to see if we can help
Packaging a specific number of items
Lamb Toggles
Newsprint Sales
Assembling products to your description

Your ideas….call us to see if we can help?

Need more info? Contact Kirk Rae on 0275160871 or email

“”We are thrilled with the service we receive from Southland disAbility Enterprises. The packaging team will be told the required day for completion and it is usually completed one or two days before the due date.” – Scott Suckling, Sales and Service – Pipes and Fittings

Folding and Enveloping
“Our company posts information to our client base, numbering approx 3600 customers, about three times a year. We have used Southland disAbility Enterprises to process these mail outs for some time now and have always found their service to be great. The size and style of the information we send is always different, but nothing is ever a problem and every mail out has been processed in an efficient and timely manner.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Southland disAbility Enterprises to any organisation that regularly sends large volumes of mail.” – Wayne Giles, Administration Manager – AB Lime Limited

Shrink wrapping, Heat Sealing, Gluing
“Southland disAbility Enterprises have an ongoing contract with us to supply us with plastic bags that they seal handles onto.  They always ensure that we have plenty in stock of each product and will go out of their way to do a special run if required.” – Lincoln Smith, Manager – Harvestwear

Labelling and stamping envelopes
“Southland disAbility Enterprises staff are wonderful! They do a great job folding and sending out Brucie's Bulletin – always getting it done on time, liaising with NZ Post and doing all this when I often make these requests at the last minute!   Thanks guys.” – Sally Edgerton, Environmental Education Officer – Environment Southland


Coffins & Water Filters


We also weave coffins and water filters from locally grown willow.

John Dempster is skilled in the basket weaving process. There are coffins for all ages.

The Fire Brigade use the water filters when pumping from creeks or ponds.

Call us on 03 214 6188 or Todd on 0272 324 075.

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